Booking your appointment

To make an appointment we would like to ask you to fill in the questionnaire below (Booking Information).

  • Response time can take up to a week.
  • After booking your appointment you will receive a confirmation with information about the down payment. Information about this you can find at the bottom of this page.
  • If you’d rather pass by for a consult than that’s no problem either and sometimes the artist will need a consult beforehand, we charge €35,- for this however this will be settled in the total amount. You can call or email for a consult. If you choose to not continue with this tattoo, the costs will be for the consult time.
  • Please note that we do not email the sketch, there will be time before your session to discuss the design.


    We are opened Tuesdays through Saturdays (Optional on Sundays) 11:00-18:00 o’clock, please include the month.

    Because Johe works alone mostly, please choose 3 separate days as this will be the most effective.
    Would you like a tattoo by a visiting Guest Artist, please let us know here.

    Please attach any examples you have of what you like to this email (max 3 pics of 1MB each).
    If you have a coverup of an old tattoo then please send a picture of its location.
    Keep in mind we do not make exact copies of other Tattoo Artists.


    When we book an appointment for you we ask you to make a down payment. This because the tattoo artist will put time and effort into your appointment before the actual date. The amount varies depending on the size of your tattoo:

    € 50,- for tattoos between €80-€200,-
    € 100,- for tattoos between €200-€350,-
    € 150,- for tattoos over €350,-

    The down payment will be deducted from the total amount on the day you have your appointment. If you have multiple sessions planned, it will be taken of on the day of your last session.


    Rescheduling is always possible. You can reschedule your appointment twice free of charge within 3 months without losing your down payment and a minimum of 72 hours before the date of booking.


    It is possible to cancel your tattoo however your down payment will be forfeited regardless of when you cancel. The artist already put time and effort into your tattoo. Also we’ve reserved the time and date for you and sometimes it’s not possible to fill that spot in a short amount of time.